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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Fey (official) releases!

Fey (official) releases!

Back in October we had limited stock from some new Fey pieces we bought from the old Blackforest range by Olivier Bouchet. I'm pleased to announce we have them back in stock again. Only in limited numbers again though, about 20 of each!
Until the end of January (if they sell out you will still get the deal but might have to wait for a while!) you can get them with a nice discount;
Gnome €15,- (€18,50) *43mm to the top of his head
Hunchback €20,- (€23,50) *40mm tot he top of his horns
Old Warrior €25,- (€28,50 *50mm to the top of his head
Combo deal for all three, €55,- (€70,50)

Message us at the email address stated in the pictures and we will sort it out through PayPal.

Friday, 19 January 2018

CP_New Skin advert

I was about to reveal her in full but... need more time for the pictures! So here's the advert containing part of the original art by Dave Keenan, on which she is based on!