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Saturday, 20 April 2019


We are proud to show you our latest release which made its debut at the last edition of Duke of Bavaria. The crazed troll berserker known as Krrrg!

Concept & sculpt: Leonardo Escovar Quintero Boxart: TBA
Size: 80mm (from bottom to top of his fist)
Material: Resin
Parts: 8

As like during the show the price is €30,- and this will be until the end of April. After that he will be €40,-

Send us a message HERE if you would like one and we can add it to your package.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Contest of Colours Fey sale!

In honour of the Contest of Colours painting competiton we have a special Fey sale.

Buy any three (or more of course, 6-12-18... :P:P) and get the lowest priced of them entirely for free!!!

Sale lasts from 01-04-2019 until 30-04-2019 or while stock lasts!

Simply send us a message here and we will sort it through there. :)

Contest of Colours over on Facebook!

From Facebook;

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Contest of Colours, a fun and friendly little painting event run by Ouroboros Miniatures. Besides the chosen winners we also have quite some random prizes so everyone entering has a chance to win something!

The contest starts today and the deadline for entering is the 15th of July. This gives you three and a half months to get something painted. The winners will be announced as soon as the judges, currenly Mally Anderson, Kyle Cruickshank and Tim Daniel Jonker, have finished judging.


What can you win?! Well that is a good question!

Gold (first prize): €250,- Ouroboros Miniatures store credit plus..!?*

Silver (second prize): €100,- Ouroboros Miniatures store credit plus..!?*

Bronze (third prize): €50,- Ouroboros Miniatures store credit plus..!?*

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly special prize: €50,- Ouroboros Miniatures store credit plus..!?*

Random prizes x…!?*

*We have managed to bring on additional sponsoring and thanks to Green Stuff World, Dark Star Miniatures, Rathcore, Scenery Workshop, Warcolours and Redgrass we have many extra prizes to give away. Some of the these will be included in the prizes mentioned above and a lot of them will be randomly given away to entrants! 

The prize pool is being formulated still and we will keep updating the above! I can tell you there is some cool stuff coming indeed! ;)


We'll try to not have a lot of rules but have the following;

-all entries must be from the Ouroboros Miniatures Fey line
-you can enter as many times as you want but please remember that you cannot win more than one random picked prize! (each entrants' name is thrown into a hat and can only be picked once!)
-your entry(-ies) must be uploaded to the Contest of Colours album (in the Ouroboros Miniatures Community group) no later than the 15th of July 2019. Anything added to the album after is not taken into consideration. Please upload no more than six pictures of your entry.
-the entry (-ies) must be your own work and no group or duo efforts are allowed.

You can post your work in progress and finished results on your Social Media and in the Ouroboros Miniatures Community group if you want.

So that's it, this post may be edited a bit just in case if we have forgotten something. We hope you like what you've read and hope to have you enter the Contest of Colours!