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Thursday, 4 October 2018

CP_New Skin official release!

We've never officialy released her after the Kickstarter so here she is!

Concept art: Dave Keenan
Sculptor: Edgar Marocsek
Boxart: Per Nilsson/ Dirty miniatures
Size: 95mm
Material: Resin

We will put her on offer for 7 days at €42,50 (regular price will be €47,50,-).
Shipping & handling is €10,- which includes tracking, signed for delivery and insurance.

Just send us a message @ Sales at Ouroboros Mininatures  with your PayPal details and we will take it from there.



  1. Wow, that's an amazing piece of art and sculpture.
    Shame that my painting skills van never do this piece justice.
    Though as a fan of cyberpunk and Ghost in the Shell I still might pick her up somewhere in the future.

  2. Looks great on your shelf unpainted as well! ;)